Lost Ones


TITLE: Lost Ones

AUTHOR: Rute Canhoto
EDITION: 1st edition
DATE: April 2013
ISBN: 978-989-98352-0-7

DESIGN: Rute Canhoto


Seventeen-year-old Marina leads a monotonous and comfortable life, centered in the goal of having good grades to get into university. 
After summer vacations, a new school year starts, and it reveals itself full of news: Lucas is one of them. The mysterious figure of the student awakens her attention, despite the dark aura that surrounds him. Later, Joshua joins their class and a flurry of contradictory feelings plagues Marina, confusing her to the point of not knowing which path to take. What if she makes the wrong choice? 
Simultaneously, her cosmos gets completely turned upside down with a series of unexplained accidents that seem to want to put an end to her existence. What’s happening? The answer is an unexpected revelation that will introduce the world to the Lost Ones
This is the first volume of the Lost Ones trilogy, a series in which heart and reason conflict. Sometimes, what we wish we could have is not the best for us. But what if what we are told as not good for us is exactly what we need? Living involves taking risks, sometimes too serious.

His touch was extremely hot; so hot, that her skin burned and opened as his finger glided. she felt as if she was being flashed by a branding iron. The scorching heat conflicted with the cold wet night, agitated by a symphony of terror: crashing thunders harmonized with invader lightnings that kept streaking the sky. The cutting rain slashed her. She tried to be strong and not to cry, but the pain was so strong that, eventually, a mortifying scream escaped her, ceasing only when her attacker stopped. She could have sworn that her cry echoed through the whole city, yet no light turned on in any house, no one came to the door to sneak a peek at what was happening, no one came to save her. She couldn’t help but to feel like a fly caught in a spider web, waiting for the inevitable. 
“Ask me to stop” ordered her the enemy. 
Trying to look more fearless than she was, she replied, “No! I'm not giving you that pleasure!” 
Her response only infuriated her opponent even more, who roared in unison with the storm, “Then you’ll suffer more until you change your mind.” 
A brutal cut opened a tear below her right breast almost to her left hip. The pain was excruciating, however the scream died on her throat; she had no more energy to voice her suffering. She dropped her head forward and watched the water drops falling from her hair. She avoided examining her stomach. She was fully aware that, if she looked down and saw the blood, she would lose the last ounce of strength she had left… and she feared that there was still much to come until the coup de grace finally arrived. 
In a rare moment of lucidity, she mentally begged for the other person there to help her. She hoped he would hear and attend to her prayers, but he merely swung on the same site, pleased and satisfied with the punishment applied to her. She tried to blame him for not rescuing her, but she couldn’t. She had put him in that situation, so it was only fair that he equated the scale: ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ were trying to restore the balance. 
The girl dared to stare at the puddle of shades of crimson that was forming at her feet, which were bound to the pole she had been tied to. Red, she thought, the color of love... but also of death. And how one was synonymous with the other at that time… Did she regret what she had done and that had led her there? Maybe she would change one thing or another, but never too much, since she treasured all the good times they had had. 
A growl of hate made ​​her return to the atrocious present, too painful to bear. Her greatest comfort was that soon everything would end. She couldn’t figure how she could save herself; she could only resign to her fate. Despite the agonizing pain that almost made ​​her beg for the Reaper to be swift, she tried to straighten up, to await the final blow with the dignity she had left. However, her courage fled near the final hour and she shut her eyes. She felt the pole vibrating and her body trembled with the reverberation.

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